Fishing and Aquaculture

40 Litre Shellfish Keep Box

Dimensions:500mm w x 560 d x 250 h
Capacity:40 litres
Storage:Interlock Stacking
Features:Protects legs from damages, significantly reduces cripples, drains away from box below, walls of surrounding boxes kept away from the ground and each other to protect shellfish.

70 Litre Shellfish Keep Box

Dimensions:560 w x 750 d x 280 h
Capacity:70 litres
Storage:Interlock stacking
Features:Protects legs against damages, significantly reduces cripples, drains away from the box below, walls kept away from the ground and other boxes to protect the shellfish

180 Litre Aquaculture Float

Dimensions:440mm d x 1760 h
Capacity:180 litres
Application:Shellfish longline farming
Features:Foam or air filled; capable of 15 metres depth; pencil shape suits ease of lifting at sea

750 Litre Tub

Dimensions:1050mm w x 1210 d x 850 h
Capacity:750 litres
Features:Tippable pallet, 50 mm stainless steel drain, optional PU insulation, FDA approved material

Abalone Grow Out Basket with Plates

Dimensions:510mm w x 1050 d x 540 h 450 x 790 x 530 (ID)
Capacity:160 litres
Features:Super strong rotomoulded basket with perforations.  Features a rotomoulded top feeder tray/sun shade that locks onto the basket and multiple injection moulded habitat plates with three interlocking optional feeder trays which locate into the basket

Abalone Grow-Out Basket

550mm w x 940 d x 560 h 500 x 750 x 540 (ID)
Capacity:160 litres
Features:Ultra strong perforated polyethylene construction which is easy to keep clean

Crayfish/Crab Trap 1

Dimensions:550mm w x 650 d x 470 h
Storage:stacking or honecombing
Features:Ultra durable polymer construction

Crayfish/Crab Trap 2

Dimensions:550mm w x 650 d x 470 h
Storage:stacking or honecombing
Features:Ultra durable plastic, optional injection moulded bait box

FC500 Fish Box

Dimensions:475mm w x 640 d x 250 h
Capacity:60 litres
Storage:Interlock stacking
Features:Maximises capacity due to no taper, drains away from bins below, ultra durable – stack 10 high full, used in large quantites by “Irvine & Johnson” South Africa’s largest fishing company

FC750 Fish Box

Dimensions:455mm w x 815 d x 290 h
Capacity:60 litres
Storage:Nest and stack
Features:The box drains to the outside of the stack and features anti-lock spacers.  It is ultra durable compared to injection moulded bins and yet is compatible with the standard 60 litre boxes.  Our bins have the option of deeply in-moulded ownership graphics which cannot be removed.

FC 400 Fish Box

Dimensions:400mm w x 600 d x 350 h
Capacity:55 litres
Storage: Lego” like interlock bricking
Features:Ideal for freezer vessels with tapered hull shaped storage facilities, ideal as a general purpose tote box

Fillet/Freezer Trays

Dimensions:270mm w x 375 d x 80 h (7.8 L) 305 X 390 X 100 (11.8 Litres) 490 x 560 x 110 (32 Litres)
Features:     Suited for rough handling environments, much tougher than other trays – but with a slightly slower cooling transfer rate

Flare Cannister

Dimensions:235mm w x 235 d x 420 h
Capacity:20 litres
Application:Housing of emergency/safety flares and flare gun when at sea
Features:Rope handle; ultra durable construction

ISO Pallet

Dimensions:1000mm w x 1200 d x 150 h
Features:800 kgs dynamic load, 1500 kgs static load, ideal for food plants, not really suited as a transport pallet

Jetty/Marina Pontoon Float

Dimensions:850 mm w x 1300mm d x 850 h
Features:Ultra tough, air or foam filled, stand alone pontoon float for use on marina’s / jetty’s; features a   50mm cap for access when ballasting